Getting over illness and Le Tigre on Youtube

It was a bit of a bitch getting home from work tonight as King’s Cross Station closed due to crowding as soon as I got there. I then, along with many hundreds of others, walked up to Euston station and crowded down into it. It was quickly becoming crowded and by the time I got down to the platform and a train arrived they were announcing that the station was being evacuated due to overcrowding – but I jumped on the train and off I went home, a slightly different route to normal, but it was ok.

I have just linked to a heap of Le Tigre filmclips over at my spinster website. I watched a heap of videos on youtube over the weekend when I was sick – I didn’t really have the energy to do much else. I missed all my social events on the weekend which was sad. I hate missing fun things when you’re sick. And I had Monday off work too. But I got a lot of sympathy from people at work today – I think people generally know that tonsilitis is no fun!


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