Paul’s blog, sitting around on Sunday

Paul decided it was time he got a domain name for his (somewhat neglected) blog and this morning bought (he used to have it a couple of years ago). Maybe he will blog a bit more now.

I was talking to one of my sisters in Australia and she told me about a New Zealand animated TV show she loves called Bro’ Town. I looked it up on Youtube and watched a bit this morning. It was very funny. It’s about five kids In Auckland who are friends, four of them are Samoan and one is Maori. There are lots of Pacific Islander jokes (and my sister is married to a Tongan).

Paul and I were planning to see The Language of Love at the ICA tonight as part of their Swedish Erotica program but we’re not going because of my stupid ankle. Damn. I had also bought tickets for the film Thriller but it was cancelled. They had said it was one of the influences for Tarantino’s Kill Bill.

Paul has just gone to the shops to see if he can hire some crutches for me. I hope he can or I’m going to have a very hard time getting to work tomorrow.

Today I had planned to have dim sum with some people from work and then we were going to the Serpentine gallery. I had been really looking forward to it. There is a Matthew Barney exhibit on there at the moment and they have a temporary pavilion that I really wanted to see. Damn ankle. This is my third weekend in bed. Not happy!

Well it would appear the relationship with the flatmates is irreparable. I have hopped past them both (with my twisted ankle) in the last 24 hours and neither of them asked me what had happened! Wow, they must really hate me. But then Will came to talk to us this morning about money! God, I wish they’d just move out already.


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