sick, again!

I saw a doctor today as I have been coughing, a lot, for the last 11 days, and it seems I have a chest infection! Bloody hell. She didn’t want to give me antibiotics because I had them about a month ago for tonsilitis but she gave them to me because I have an infection in my lungs. I’m so sick of being sick. And I returned the crutches that I borrowed for my sprained ankle (which I did at the end of the tonsilitis)! It’s still a bit sore and I’m a little worried about it when Paul and I go out dancing on Saturday night to a club but I’ll just have to sit down when it hurts.

Tonight we’re going to see the Masque of the Red Death which I’m very excited about. It sounds amazing. I hope I don’t cough too much, but if I do I’m hoping it will add to the whole plague theme going on.

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