Weekend plans

Tonight Paul and I are going to Modular at the nightclub Turnmills. I can’t believe that I have lived in London for so long and haven’t been out clubbing. I’m very excited about it but also worried about a) not being able to stay out very late and b) my (recently sprained) ankle not being able to take the dancing pace for long – but I will just try to rest it when it’s sore. Today I got some new Reebok sneakers that I’m going to wear tonight. Hopefully comfy shoes will help.

I’m currently reading Tehanu by Ursula Le Guin in the Earthsea Quartet book I have. I was reading it on the train on the way home from work last night and some random woman asked me where I got it (from Amazon) and how much she loved it and she told me she was into Vortex Healing and I should look it up and it had totally changed her life and healed her dyslexia. She is Irish, currently living on a farm in Portugal and just in London because Amma is coming next week. She was very friendly and enthusiastic. She was off to yoga somewhere.

Last night I had planned to go to the Tate Britain for a members only night but Paul was sick and it was raining so I didn’t go. I hope he’s ok to go out this evening. We’re going to a party first too.

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