This country shits me sometimes!!!

I just found out today that there are NO tube or bus services on Christmas day. That’s right, NO public transport. All day!

WHAT THE HELL???!!!???

And, no, it’s not like I live in a cultural and religious backwater, I live in London. Hang on a minute, it actually does feel quite backward sometimes (like having no public transport on Christmas Day or walking down the street and seeing lots and lots of garbage bags just lying around on the footpath).

I’m quite sure that they could find enough non-Christians in London to run some kind of skeleton service on Christmas Day. Sometimes you’ll be getting a train somewhere in London and there will be an announcement about delays on the Circle line because of a shortage of staff (wtf?). Maybe, they need to hire more people. There’s certainly no shortage of workers in London. But then again, the tube lines were all sold off so that’s probably why the maintenance is soooo behind and why they don’t have enough staff.

I actually emailed Transport for London today and complained about it. Their response was this is the only day there are no services and it’s the only garanteed day off for TfL staff. Poor excuse if you ask me. I reckon they’re just too scummy to pay holiday rates on Christmas Day.


Paul and I are having lunch with friends on the other side of the city and now we’ll have to hire a car or take a taxi to get there and back.

They still have Sunday trading laws here! That even apply in the MIDDLE of London. Shops can only open for 6 hours on a Sunday. I cannot believe that. In the middle of London, one of the biggest, busiest, culturally-happening places.

Gee I miss Australia sometimes.

Did you know that the UK has only had a minimum wage since 1999? I couldn’t believe it either. Now I understand why people go on about the Harvester Judgement so much in Australia.

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