Rest in peace Gordon Duguid

Paul and Gordon playing in New Farm Park
Paul’s and my friend, Gordon Duguid died last week in Tasmania.

He was hit by a truck on a highway and it sounds like he walked in front of the truck on purpose. Paul and I have been very sad since hearing this and are feeling a long way from home being over in London, far from the friends and family who remain to wonder why.

Gordon’s memorial will be in Brisbane on Monday, December 24, at 9.30am at the Centenery Memorial Gardens, 353 Wacol Station Road, Sumner Park, Brisbane. Paul created a group on Facebook called Friends of Gordon.

We miss you Gordon. And wish you’d been able to ask for help.
Paul and Gordon playing in New Farm Park
This is Paul and Gordon playing in New Farm Park (with slow shutter speeds).


4 Responses to Rest in peace Gordon Duguid

  1. ZOEZAC says:

    i loved this boy alot, you can listen to the song we recorded together at my dot com, its spooky. thanx for posting these photo’s… what a spunk

  2. […] friend of Gordon’s has left a message on my blog entry announcing his […]

  3. Lee says:

    I had been out of touch with Gordon for some time & decided to google him. I am devestated by this news. We were fly-by-nighters, & he was without a doubt the most incredible & intense lover I have ever known. Long live the hot wax & rope. I will love him forever.

  4. ninefathoms says:

    I just related some of the above content, with context, to some associates. One rejoined that Lou Reed had responded to a question about when he was going to adjust his lifestyle (and pharmacology) in order to extend an otherwise limited lifespan.

    Reed’s response was “my week beats your year”.

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