I’m back

After stupidly letting my domain name expire, it’s taken a week or so to get the new registration sorted and back online. Whoops. Better not do that again.

So what’s happened since then?

On Christmas Day we had lunch with Renee and Jason and a colleague of Renee’s at a restaurant called Little Bay. It was pretty cool with great, crazy decorations but as London has NO public transport on Christmas Day (yeah, I can’t believe it either) we spent £30 each way on cab fairs. We could have walked there like Renee and Jason did but it may have taken us longer than their two hours (each way). Plus, it was raining. It was very yummy food and we enjoyed ourselves until a woman came and told us she’d booked the table from 3 (it was nearly 3.30 by this point) and her Aunt had diabetes and needed to eat soon. If she had booked a table from 3 and the restaurant wasn’t seating them, she needed to take it up with the restaurant. We guessed that the restaurant people must have told her that we were sitting at ‘her’ table. And she didn’t actually ask us to leave or be quick – she just told us we were at her table and her aunt needed to sit down! I think our booking was from 12 until 3 but we left pretty much as soon as we’d had all our courses (which hadn’t finished arriving when the woman approached us) and we hadn’t had anything said to us by the waiting staff about being there too late – if there was a problem, it was the restaurant’s fault. I still can’t believe that woman thought it was ok to come and interrupt our lunch. Strange!

I didn’t go out on New Year’s Eve because I had a head cold so Paul and I stayed home watching interesting videos online. And now I’m back at work again.

Paul and I spent a lot of our break at home, tidying, reading, surfing the internet. We did go and see Will Smith’s new film I Am Legend which was ok for a vampire/zombie film – nothing spectacular.

One Response to I’m back

  1. janettee says:

    l love TED videos too! it’s like going to an ideas conference with some of the most articulate and clever peopel alive but you are in trakkies and it cost you nothing but your broadband fees.

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