Sickness in London

Well I have just gotten over tonsillitis, again!!!! I went home early from work last Tuesday and stayed in bed pretty much till Sunday.

I missed Renee and Jason’s farewell drinks Friday night, Lauren and Roz’s farewell party in Brighton on Saturday afternoon and Tina’s 30th birthday party Saturday night back in London (and I had planned to go to all of them!). I am on antibiotics – my third course of them in the last couple of months. I’m wondering about getting my tonsils removed as it’s the second lot of tonsillitis I’ve had in the last couple of months and I do get it every year, I think.

On Sunday, I went to the Tate Modern gallery to see the Louise Bourgeois exhibition again as it was finishing on the weekend. Her sculptures are really amazing and some are quite frightening. I also watched quite a few of William Kentridge’s beautiful animations. After that, Paul and I went into town and wandered around a bit, looking in shops and wandering through streets and alleyways and had dinner at Wagamama in Leicester Square.

I’m so over getting sick!


One Response to Sickness in London

  1. janettee says:

    yeah being sick bitest the big one! and i hate missing parties too. but tonsil surgery sounds incredibly painful. i just read about laser surgery that sounds much less invasive

    take care carmina, glad you are finally feeling better. hugs. janettee

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