New hair cut and parcel mystery solved!

On Tuesday night I got my hair cut – it’s much shorter (and much tidier). I like it but I had a couple of little bits that were longer than the rest and I lost one of them and the one I mentioned and said I wanted to keep was trimmed so much it is barely longer than the rest of the hair!
Haircut January 2008
Missing Parcel mystery solved
In mid-October I sent a parcel to Australia for my niece and brother-in-law’s birthdays but it never arrived. Today, three and a half months later, it was returned to me! I put two of the numbers in the postcode around the wrong way – I would have thought they could have gone off the name of the town! I’m sure there’s only one Bondoola in Queensland. AND the return to sender sticker is dated November 2 so it only took two or three weeks to get there but it then took three months (!!!) to get back. Bloody Australia Post and/or Royal Mail!

At least now I can send them again and Annie can get her birthday present – Joanne told her it had gotten lost somewhere but she had been secretly hoping it would still arrive – and so had I.


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