Collapsed ceiling

Collapsed ceiling 4
A couple of weeks ago Paul and I told our real estate agent we had a leak in the ceiling and they should send someone to look at it. Well, of course they haven’t and when I arrived home this evening I discovered this:
Collapsed ceiling 7
and this:
Collapsed ceiling 2
Collapsed ceiling 9
I am NOT very happy about it, as you could imagine.
I left a very terse message on the answering machine of the estate agent telling them to call me back as soon as they get the message. I actually doubt that they will.

3 Responses to Collapsed ceiling

  1. janettee says:

    great. perhaps your real estate agents think that intact ceilings are overrated

  2. Monica says:

    Holy shitballs! Great photographic evidence proving your real estage agent’s incompetence tho’… someone is obviously having more fun on facebook than doing their, um, job.

  3. […] waiting for our estate agent to fix up damp problems in one of our bedrooms, and having part of the ceiling collapse 18 days ago, Paul and I decided we should move. We did some serious house-hunting today (visited […]

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