Daft Punk's Electroma

On Friday night, Paul, two of his work colleagues and I went to see Electroma by Daft Punk at the ICA. It was ok. Yes, just ok. It tells the story of two robots and their quest to become human in only 75 minutes and after starting at 11pm and being a little shy on action, 75 minutes was plenty long enough. It didn’t contain any dialogue (or music by Daft Punk) and that could have been fine if it was interesting and had a good soundtrack. Unfortunately, there were loads of long, boring shots of watching a robot walking (or driving) through the Californian desert, and not a lot else happened. Ok, at one point, they tried to dress up like humans, but that didn’t work out, and then they were too depressed to go on. A bit of a disappointment. I do like Daft Punk’s music a lot but didn’t like a lot of the music in this film. This film, unfortunately, was quite boring – there are only so many shots of a robot walking through the desert that you can sit through before thinking, ‘Where the hell is this going?’ I would suggest watching this film only if you like watching painfully slow-moving films (i.e. you don’t think Miyazaki films are at all too long or slow-moving). Otherwise, just watch the trailer and I can let you know what happens at the end that isn’t in the trailer.

*And I forgot to say that there is a completely gratuitous shot of a naked woman. Although Paul and Mikey didn’t think it was gratuitous. Paul says that during the many scenes of sand dunes and desert scenes he was already reminded of curvy naked women before they threw in the naked woman. Now what that had to do with the robots’ existential dilemmas, I do not know!


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