We got a house, we got a house, we got a house

After spending the last four months waiting for our estate agent to fix up damp problems in one of our bedrooms, and having part of the ceiling collapse 18 days ago, Paul and I decided we should move. We did some serious house-hunting today (visited LOTS of real estate agents and a number of flats) and we made an offer this afternoon on a very cool flat (a one bedroom penthouse) and we got it. It’s not available for another month but it is VERY close to all the shops and amenities up the road and it has a rooftop terrace!! I’m very excited about having a nice outside bit that we can sit on in Summer. It runs the length of the flat and the bedroom opens onto it too. We can get nice chairs and plants for it and could have people round for drinks on it. We are very excited but also dreading having to pack up all our stuff and move. At least we have a month to do it! Also, the flat is quite modern and has nice BIG windows (unlike lots of the very old buildings here that have quite small windows).

And on the collapsed ceiling, they sent around a plumber to stop the leak and a cleaner to clean up the mess, but it hasn’t been fixed. Our estate agent is one of the worst I’ve ever come across (and I’ve been renting for years). She is very good at saying I’ll find out and call you back but then not calling you back. We are really over it.

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