Our lovely new flat

We found pictures on the web of the lovely flat we’ll be moving to in a month. Did I mention I’m very excited about the terrace? I’m imagining drinks on the terrace in the evening, tea/coffee on the terrace in the morning, dinner on the terrace in the evening, reading on the terrace – and all this is dependent on us having a nice hot summer (unlike last year).

The terrace

The lounge that opens onto the terrace

7 Responses to Our lovely new flat

  1. Joel Seaby says:

    nice colour scheme in the kitchen love.

  2. janettee says:

    OMG you have a round window like on a ship. that would entertain me for hours, doing sailor type stupid things. it’s LOVELY!

  3. Sidekick of Pharoah says:

    this place looks sweet!!
    how did you find this place!!!
    if you are looking for a flatmate, maybe I could send you l*** h***’s details?
    i could transfer the cheque money to you given from “The Company”

  4. kitschenette says:

    looks fab, and LOVE the round window. hey i’ll be in london early august, are you around? would love to catch up.

    enjoy yr new place!

  5. Charles says:

    Wow your plce looks so cool I’m so jealous. I won’t be able to afford anything in Canberra anywhere near as spacious or with a similar level of general grooviness.

    Have fun and good luck with the move!


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  7. […] and it’s happening Sunday, April 20 at 3pm at my house (we’ll have moved by then to our new place with a lovely terrace). We’re reading Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood. So if you want to […]

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