Not quite got it yet…

Ok, so I’ve been waxing lyrical about our fabulous new flat but we still have to pass the “security check” – which we have to pay for (something like £80 I think). Estate agents in England are such rorters. You will not believe the charges (Thank Queensland for the Residential Tenancies Authority, is all I can say). Some places here charge a lot for “drawing up the lease”. Which makes me think “don’t you just fill in a form? Here, I’ll go to the RTA website and get one for you.”

So, Paul and I have just spent about an hour each, filling in the online forms for our respective security checks. They want soooo much information. Our addresses for the last three years and the names, addresses and telephone and fax numbers of each real estate agent/landlord. Our jobs for the last three years, our salaries and contact details, personal references and relatives details (with their phone numbers and addresses) and our bank account details! A total hassle but at least we’ll have a nice place in Ealing, unlike this!


3 Responses to Not quite got it yet…

  1. janettee says:

    nah, the RTA may be ok, but we’ve just been through the process of getting a lease over hear and it’s pretty much the same level of invasiveness with the information that you have to provide- bank statments, letters from previous rental agencies, payslips, personal and work referees…. and we put in 4 applications. it sucked.

  2. zinegeek says:

    Four applications? Whoah! That’s crazy! But you got yourself a nice house in West End, yes? Email me and tell me who you going to be living with.

  3. Jen says:

    When we first arrived they were going to make us go through the process plus pay an extra d£100 because they had to contact overseas landlords, but when they saw my title they said that they waive the security process for ‘professionals’. What a crazy system – the only professional I am is professional student, which is how I eventually got my ‘title’.

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