Books and australian films

This morning I borrowed two books from my local library: the Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins and Forbidden Love by Norma Khouri.

Next weekend I’m going to three films at the Barbican that are part of the London Australian Film Festival. One of them is a documentary called Forbidden Lie$ about Norma Khouri’s claims that her book Forbidden Love is a true story – the documentary features interviews with people from Jordan, where the book is set, from the USA where Khouri lived for a while, and Australia, where she also lived for a while and where the book was first published. So, I want to have the book finished by 5pm next Saturday before I see the film!

Next Saturday I am also seeing All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane. It’s a romantic comedy, which I’m a bit ambivelent about, but it’s set in Brisbane, which I’m very excited about. I wonder if the cinema is going to be full of people from Brisbane. And I wonder if it will make me homesick.

I’m also going to see Burke and Wills. It’s not about the explorers, but about two guys who live together in inner-city Sydney. It sounds like a low-budget, black-and-white arthouse film about sharehousing. I’m really looking forward to it!


One Response to Books and australian films

  1. Charles says:

    Hey Carmen,

    Let me know how the film festival goes!


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