Weekend in London: films, magazines, podcasts

I’ve just finished my first week working in Kensington and the head office is a bit of a change – it’s very quiet! The area of London though is very nice. And my commute is down from an hour to 45 minutes.

I’m actually feeling very happy that winter is pretty much over now because I had such a horrible time and got sick so many times. I’ve been feeling better these last few weeks and have been trying to get back into going to the gym regularly – I have even made a playlist on my ipod called ‘gym’!

Yesterday, Paul and I went and saw a couple of really good films.

On the tube on the way home I watched the ABC program First Tuesday Book Club on my ipod and Judith Lucy was on it and she made me laugh so much I think I embarassed Paul.

Today we went into town and I found Craft magazine which I’ve been looking for for a while so I bought the two issues they had. It’s very cool

Tonight I cut Paul’s hair (just trimmed it) and it actually looks ok.

I’m currently watching Richard Dawkins films on youtube and Paul is playing World of Warcraft.


One Response to Weekend in London: films, magazines, podcasts

  1. yorkshire girl says:

    I watched it with Judith Lacy too, she is so funny. I am going to see Geraldine Brooks next week , the first tues bookclub is”doing” her new book “people of the book” next month, I am about to read it, E. has read it and enjoyed it.
    Norma K was so convincing when we heard her speak, a compulsive liar? or else once she had written it she had no choice but to keep lying till she was found out?

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