Infidel, Epileptic, World of Warcraft

On Thursday I finished reading Infidel; it was such a good read. I cried a lot – so many sad things happened. I really want to donate money to help protect Ayaan Hirsi Ali from crazy muslims who want to kill her. Tonight I watched the film Submission on Youtube – it is the film that Hirsi Ali made with Theo Van Gogh that led to his being murdered by a muslim man in 2004. The ten-minute film briefly explores the submission to Allah that a muslim has to believe in, as well as the submission to men that Muslim women live with.

Today I’ve been reading Epileptic by David B. It is really sweet. I’ve also started reading Them: Adventures with Extremists by Jon Ronson.

Last night I watched Thank You For Smoking. It was amusing but nowhere near as amazing as I’d been led to believe.

Paul has been playing World of Warcraft a fair bit lately so I’m quite used to hearing the theme music, and various grunts and whacks from the killing of things but he decided today, on a whim, to download the WOW theme music! Oh dear. If I was ever going to play a computer game, I would definitely play World of Warcraft. In fact, I have even made two characters in Paul’s account. A dwarf called Pigiron and a mage human called Yarrow. I only played Pigiron for about an hour all up I think and I don’t think I ever played Yarrow. It looks really cool (the world where WoW takes place) – I have occasionally watched while Paul plays, and I’ve been in the same room as him for countless hours as he’s played and I’ve done other things so for a nonplayer, I know a LOT about World of Warcraft. I’ve even seen the South Park World of Warcraft episode and I got most of the jokes!

My back is still sore so I’m going to see a physiotherapist on Tuesday. I hope it helps.

2 Responses to Infidel, Epileptic, World of Warcraft

  1. barry says:

    thank you for smoking is great, but i’ll let that one go. Them, however, is awesome.

  2. Monica says:

    World of Warcraft!!! Dave always puts his ear phones in, thereby sparing me the grunts & groans from his undead mage or whatever beast he is. i liked making it dance, but apart from that i’ve never really Got It. and i would certainly not get the south park jokes – i’m impressed, Carmina x

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