Top 10 Evil Human Experiments

March 16, 2008

Here’s a list to make you feel really warm and fuzzy about human beings and the evil they are capable of:
The top 10 Evil Human Experiments from the List Universe.

Running away

March 14, 2008

I contemplated running away many times as a child but I didn’t know where I would sleep, how I would get food or money – I didn’t seem old enough to get a job – so I just stayed.

DVDs at home on a Friday

March 14, 2008

I’m home from work today again with my sore back. The doctor did give me some extra special pain killers for it. So, I’m lying on my bed, watching films.

The first was a film from Afghanistan and was the first film made there after the fall of the Taliban, called At 5 in the Afternoon. It was good but quite sad. Seeing the beliefs of Islamic Afghanistan and how they impact on women’s lives was of course sad. The main protagonist in the story, Nograh, wasn’t very educated (her father didn’t believe in girls being educated, or showing their faces) but she wanted to be educated and she would sneak off from the religious school she went to to join much younger girls at a new school. It was very sad watching Nograh, her father, her sister-in-law (whose husband was missing) and baby seek out an existence in the bombed-out remains of Afghanistan, without a place to stay, enough water or enough to eat. But it was very moving.

The next film was the very scary Jesus Camp, which I watched on youtube. Watching evangelising Christians brainwashing children was not going to be fun but I’ve wanted to see this film since I first heard about it last year (it had a showing at the ICA). The woman who runs the camps actually said about Harry Potter: “Warlocks are an enemy of god. If Harry Potter was in the Old Testament, he would have been put to death.” These people actually believe in warlocks and wizards and witches! That’s why they hate Harry Potter. Because they’re scared their kids might learn a spell from the books and cast it upon them. This would be quite funny but unfortunately 25% of Americans are evangelical Christians, the kind of people who don’t believe in evolution or Global Warming and they are brainwashing their kids into their crazy belief system. I was left wondering what would become of a lot of the kids in the film. There’s really something wrong with watching kids preach! Especially a kid who says he was “saved” at the age of 5!

Next up, I’ve got Stranger Than Fiction to watch and Thank You For Smoking.

sore lower back – ouch! and the selfish gene

March 13, 2008

I came home from work today after spending half an hour lying on my back under my desk. Now I’m sitting in bed with really sore lower back pain. I should probably be lying on my back but after doing that for the last few hours I got bored!
I’m currently reading the Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins (I’m up to page 28) and I’m enjoying re-learning the biology I learnt at school but have since forgotten. I’m hoping to know all about evolution and biology when I finish (well maybe ‘all about’ from one book isn’t possible, but I’ll know a lot more than before).

I really want to read more nonfiction this year. And I decided I had to stop buying books so I went and requested a heap of books at my local library and I now have nine books waiting for me! I may have gotten a little carried away with the requesting. I seriously thought about going home via the library today to pick up the nine books but decided it probably wasn’t a good idea to carry a huge sack of books home with a sore back! Wow, I’m so sensible.

Anyway, I’d better get off the internet and lie down flat again I suppose.

Weekend in London: films, magazines, podcasts

March 9, 2008

I’ve just finished my first week working in Kensington and the head office is a bit of a change – it’s very quiet! The area of London though is very nice. And my commute is down from an hour to 45 minutes.

I’m actually feeling very happy that winter is pretty much over now because I had such a horrible time and got sick so many times. I’ve been feeling better these last few weeks and have been trying to get back into going to the gym regularly – I have even made a playlist on my ipod called ‘gym’!

Yesterday, Paul and I went and saw a couple of really good films.

On the tube on the way home I watched the ABC program First Tuesday Book Club on my ipod and Judith Lucy was on it and she made me laugh so much I think I embarassed Paul.

Today we went into town and I found Craft magazine which I’ve been looking for for a while so I bought the two issues they had. It’s very cool

Tonight I cut Paul’s hair (just trimmed it) and it actually looks ok.

I’m currently watching Richard Dawkins films on youtube and Paul is playing World of Warcraft.

James Randi explains homeopathy

March 6, 2008

James Randi explaining homeopathy. Whoah, talk about pseudoscience.

Our new flat has been approved!

March 6, 2008

The title says it all really: Our new flat has been approved! We’ll be moving in a month.