Snow in London and new flat and friends

Last Sunday it snowed in London. We woke up from our first night in our new flat to see it snowing outside onto our lovely terrace!
Looking out at the snow on the balcony, April, 2008.
Looking at snow on our balcony.
Snow on our new terrace, April 6, 2008.
We had to walk over to our old flat where we spent the day cleaning like crazy to hand the keys back the next day. The cleaning wasn’t fun but the snow sure looked cool.

Snow on Ealing Common, London, April 6, 2008.
Snow on Ealing Common
Snow on Ealing Common, London, April 6, 2008.
A family playing in the snow on Ealing Common.
Snow on Ealing Common
Paul in Ealing Common, April 6, 2008.
Someone jogging through the snow in London, April 6, 2008
Someone out jogging in the snow.
Snow in London, April 6, 2008
Snowy bus-stop.
On Friday night Thomas and Daniel came over and we had yummy Indian food from Clay Oven. On Saturday I say an interesting Korean film at the ICA called I’m a Cyborg with two people I work with (Kingsley and Bella) and then Lucy arrived back from the states Saturday night and she stayed over and her new boy from Glasgow arrived early this morning (after spending the night on the megabus from Glasgow to London!). The four of us went to the Serpentine Gallery and saw some films by and about Derek Jarman. Then Paul and I went off shopping and Lucy and Jamie went to Pogo Cafe. Tonight we’re all meeting up with Lucy’s old Australian flatmate Lucy R for Vietnamese near Hoxton. Should be good! Tomorrow night we’re going to see a show with Lucy’s friend, George’s band, Fall of Efrafa. Then Lucy and Jamie are leaving on Tuesday. Lucy has just been to Buffalo in New York to present a paper at a gender studies conference.

We have now been in our new flat for a week and we love it. It is so much nicer than our old flat. It’s so light and so lovely and new. And it’s very close to shops and the station and everything. It’s great.
Our new flat
The kitchen in my flat
The kitchen in our new flat.
Roses in our new flat, April 2008.
Roses on our table.


4 Responses to Snow in London and new flat and friends

  1. janettee says:

    oh your flat looks gorgeous! it’s funny seeing you in a t-shirt and snow on your balcony, only because i live in a land of no central heating and live in a delightful but breezy old queenslander and it’s as cold inside as it is outside. which doesn’t mean we’ll get hypothermia, but we do wear sock and cardies inside

    sounds like a fun weekend too!

  2. zinegeek says:

    You’re right about the central heating. Our new place has double-glazed windows (unlike the last place) so it keeps the heat in and cold out better too!

    Our weekend was really fun but Lucy and Jamie didn’t make it to Pogo Cafe as they got lost the poor little Glaswegians (they got on a bus but it was going the wrong way and they didn’t realise for a while). But as they were going South instead of North, they ended up going to the Tate Modern and I think they liked it (but they probably would have preferred finding Pogo (a Vegan, anarchist-run cafe).

  3. janettee says:

    ahhh i think most of us would prefer to be in a vegan anarchist-run cafe…

  4. Nicky says:

    Oh Carm your flat looks very groovy and way better than the old place. And what about that snow…. it’s glorious! I wish I was there.
    I’ve just spent the last few hours cooking up a storm for dinner and baking my little heart out (yummy orange, walnut and carrot muffins with scrummy cream cheese icing) and dancing around the kitchen with my favourite Madonna album blaring out of the stereo. With work so crazy it’s been nice to be at home today (although I did head into work this morning for a couple of hours). We tell ourselves that we’re making the country a better place to be and that makes up for the times when we’re tired and exhausted and have forgotten what sunshine looks like!
    I’m going to get off the internet and call you now….

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