New shoes for me – like being barefoot!

my new Vivo Barefoot by Terra Plana shoes
A couple of weeks ago I finally got my own pair of Vivo Barefoot shoes by Terra Plana. Paul already has two pairs which he loves. My shoes are almost identical to Paul’s black pair (but his are quite worn out now).
Paul's Terra Plana shoes
I have flat feet and have had problems with them since puberty – I was always told that the answer to the problem lay in always wearing shoes with arch supports, so that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 15 or so years. Paul, a big fan of walking barefoot, has been trying to convince me that my problems lay in wearing shoes too much and that if I just went barefoot more often, my feet wouldn’t hurt as much. I’m not sure I believe him, but I have been wearing my arch supports less often recently. I think I can probably get away with it if I go to the gym regularly and stengthen the muscles in my feet and legs. The Vivo Barefoot shoes have very thin soles so it feels like you’re walking around barefoot – you can feel the ground through the soles – but the soles have kevlar in them to make them really tough. I really like their women’s shoes, but as is so often the case for me, they were too small so I had to buy a pair of the men’s. The insole of my shoes has a cool, London-tube-esque pattern on them!
my new Terra Plana shoes with London-tube-mapesque insoles

4 Responses to New shoes for me – like being barefoot!

  1. Krinkn says:

    Hey, vivo barefoot wearer with flat feet. How are they working out? Do you still like them? Are your feet hurting less?

    My feet are similar to yours…flat. Plus they are wide (for a woman) I’m wondering if the vivos will work for me.


  2. zinegeek says:

    I think the vivo barefoots are good for my feet in that they don’t squash them, but I also think I need to keep up (increase) the exercise that I do to strengthen my legs and feet which will also help my flat feet – then I won’t need the arch supports so much. I do find that my feet still get sore but not as much as they used to since doing more exercise and being more active. I heard about a website where you can order shoes to be made especially for the width of your feet ( if you like girly shoes but I don’t think they come in my size (they also do boots where you give them the measurement around your calf muscle so they’ll fit).

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Zinegeek,

    I was really interested to read about your problem. I suffer from a similar flat-footed problem, and the biggest issue for me is constantly wearing the outside edges of my shoe heels down very quickly. Did you ever have this problem? I am now interested in the Vivo Barefoot shoes, particularly if they would go some way towards correcting the way I walk?

  4. zinegeek says:


    I’ve never had a problem with the outside of my shoes wearing down. I wore arch supports in my shoes for over 15 years which helped my feet but I think regular exercise would have been a bigger help.

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