Whitechapel Gallery, Craze Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum

On Friday night Paul and I went to the Whitechapel gallery and saw a little bit of video art and we saw two bands play: An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump (see clip above) and No Bra. I hadn’t seen No Bra play before but I’d been wanting to for ages. I think I’d describe her as electro-punk. She came onto the stage in very small pants (possibly just underwear) and a leather jacket and stood there speaking/singing into the microphone along to the backing electo music. After the first song she took off the jacket and she was standing there, topless! Needless to say, without a bra! I find it kinda cool to see ladies with saggy bosoms (kinda similar to mine) putting them out in public, not restricting them in some tight, ridiculous bra, pushing them up, but letting them be in all their natural glory. She also has really long hair – past her waist – which was actually covering one of her breasts for the whole performance; she didn’t move about much. I really like her song Munchausen and we laughed when she sang it, it’s very funny. Check it out on Youtube (the sound’s not that great) or listen to it on her Myspace page.

On Saturday we went to the Craze Gallery on Portobello Road and saw a bunch of guns and grenades made out of paper, then we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum and saw three exhibitions: China Design Now, Thomas Hope: Regency Designer, and Blood on Paper: the Art of the Book. We also had lunch in some nice rooms and Paul took some photos.

Paul recently shaved his head. Here he is, with new haircut, after a long day of London site-seeing.
Paul looking tired after a long day of walking and looking at art in London
He might be tired but he still has enough energy to play World of Warcraft!

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