Busy longweekend

On Saturday afternoon, Paul and I went to Bank then walked across the river to near the Tower Bridge and City Hall to see the Telectroscope! It was interesting. Kingsley came and met us and we lined up (suckers that we are) and paid a pound to wave at people in New York!
Telectroscope and Tower Bridge
Above, Telectroscope and Tower Bridge
Waving at and photographing people in New York through the Telectroscope
Above, you can see a reflection of me taking a photo of people in New York waving at us throught the ‘Telectroscope’.

After leaving there, we walked up to Tate Modern which had some great art on the outside and we went and had dinner in the restaurant (up on the seventh floor with big glass walls – very cool) before heading to the Turbine Hall for a Nan Goldin slideshow accompanied by music from John Kelly and Patrick Wolf. It was really good!
Graffiti on Tate Modern (24 May 2008)
Art on the outside of Tate Modern (I seriously thought the middle picture was a guy with a gun!)
Graffiti on Tate Modern (24 May 2008)
Nan Goldin, Patrick Wolf, John Kelly at Tate Modern, May 24, 2008
Nan Goldin slideshow accompanied by Patrick Wolf composition, Tate Modern, May 24, 2008
Above, Patrick Wolf, and others, performing an original composition of his to accompany Nan Goldin’s slideshow, The Ballad of Sexual Dependency

On Sunday we stayed home, did some cleaning, some reading, brought up a bookshelf from the garage and had a roast. We now only have one more piece of furniture to bring up (our desk) and a few more boxes from our move six weeks ago!

On Monday afternoon we headed back to Tate Modern for Duchamp, Manray, Picabia (it was the last day of the exhibition), then into town to the National Portrait Gallery for cake at the cafe and Brilliant Women: Eighteenth Century Bluestockings. After the art we headed to the gym for a hardcore (for me) workout then a relax in the spa. Well done us for getting out and about as it rained quite heavily all day!

I finished reading Beloved by Toni Morrison on the weekend and I think Paul finished the Logic of Life by Tim Harford. We also watched one and a half Indiana Jones films (I had to stop watching Temple of Doom because the female character was soooo stupid and annoying).

I am excited about NASA’s Phoenix Mars Mission landing safely.

What a busy weekend.

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  1. kylie says:

    hi carmina! i’m new to the blog-thing. let’s be friends! ps. yrs is great btw kxxx

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