Shaolin monks and bookclub

On Saturday night Paul and I went to a show with his work colleague, Brendon and Brendon’s wife, Yolanda. The show, Sutra, was at the Sadler’s Wells theatre, featured Shaolin Monks and had sets designed by Antony Gormley. I enjoyed it but I didn’t really get a lot of the symbolism so I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as everybody else I went with.

On Sunday I had my first book club – there wasn’t a specific book that everyone was meant to read, they were just invited to come and talk about any books they’d been reading. My friend Helen Bode, who I hadn’t seen in two years, came over – she had only arrived in London (from Amsterdam) the previous night! When she arrived at Liverpool Street Station on Saturday night she said it looked like a riot was going on as she watched police chasing hoards of drunk people and hit them with batons as they had a party to mark the last day you were legally allowed to drink on the Underground. Lots of people were arrested. Helen’s friend Jess came too.

Brendan brought Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for Paul to read which I’m happy about – I’m not allowed to talk about the last Harry Potter book around Paul because he hasn’t read it yet! We talked about books we’ve read recently and we decided that the book for the next bookclub will be one recommended by Brendon and Yolanda: Spud by John van de Ruit. It’s set at an elite, all-boy boarding school in South Africa (in the province that Brendon is from) and it is set in 1990, the year that Nelson Mandela was released from jail.

Paul had been feeling under the weather in the morning and by the time everyone left he was looking pale and not feeling well. He went to bed and a few hours later was hurling his guts up! Poor thing. He was up a couple more times during the night as well.

Here‘s a picture Paul took of me reading Beloved by Toni Morrison in bed – I was nearly finished too!

On Sunday Paul bought a new computer game (something to do with the Conan chronicles) but after clearing heaps of space on his laptop to load it (about 30 gigs) it keeps crashing when he plays it. Much like his laptop crashes when he tries to play the World of Warcraft expansion. So he really wants to buy a much more powerful computer! I also want a television – we haven’t had one for more than six months – but when Paul says ‘would you rather a TV or a holiday?’ I say ‘holiday!’


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