Helen, poetry and crazy, hellish art

What a fun weekend I’ve had. On Saturday, Paul and I went into town and met up with Helen and we were lucky enough to see the naked bike ride go past us on Piccadilly! Helen had really wanted to go in it but the bike hire place she went to had no bikes left! The bikeride was a protest against global warming and car culture and I think it was a global thing.
Naked Bikeride, London, June 14, 2008
We had a look in the Japan centre, went elsewhere for some sushi and maki for lunch, and then we went to an amazing art exhibition. We saw If Hitler had been a hippy how happy would we be and Fucking Hell at White Cube Mason’s Yard by Jake and Dinos Chapman. It was amazing. We even bought the £30 catalogue it was so good. There were some rather scary and/or freaky paintings (If Hitler had been a hippy…) and then there were nine large glass boxes with miniature scenes of nazis and skeletons and lots of dismembered bodies and concentration camps and killing fields and a volcano in the centre, and this was the piece called Fucking Hell. If you go to this Times Online article and scroll down there is a link to a slideshow of pictures from the exhibition. Aparently, the Chapman brothers bought a heap of watercolours done by Adolf Hitler and they ‘defaced’ them. They were mostly landscapes and the Chapmans did things like paint rainbows in the backgrounds. The Chapman brothers had a piece called Hell which was destroyed in a warehouse fire a few years ago so this was a remaking of that work. The media release and website says:
HELL hath no fury
Like a chapman spurned,
So come see the second,
‘Cos the first one burned.

After that we went to a pub called Waxy O’Connors which was pretty cool – you go down stairs into the ye olde world pub full of carved wood and tree branches. After a drink there we went to Mother Foucault at the Poetry Cafe which was cool. Helen asked one of the performers out on a date afterwards and she said yes so there was excitement all round!

Today, Paul and I went looking at new televisions – we haven’t had one for more than six months. We’re yet to buy a TV but I bought some new work clothes.

I have also recently received another book from Amazon: Tales from Earthsea by Ursula Le Guin arrived which is exciting. It is five short(ish) stories set in the Earthsea world (where A Wizard of Earthsea and the other Earthsea books are set). I have also started reading the book of short stories called A Hard Time to Be a Father by Fay Weldon. I bought it a month or so ago from a second hand book store in Kensington (near my work). I haven’t read any of Fay Weldon’s novels but I think I might try to as I’m really enjoying the short stories. If you can recommend any of her other books please do!

I have started putting the photos from Valencia up on Flickr. Hopefully I’ll get them all up there soon.

During the week there was an architecture awards ceremony and the project I have been working on for the last year was nominated for an award. Four people from my team went plus they took a PA from the office who hasn’t worked on the project, ever, without offering that ticket to any of the other people who have worked on the project. I was pretty angry as were other people and we complained about it. We got apologies about how wrong they’d been but they kept claiming that it was a last minute decision but my boss had joked about taking the PA concerned days before the ceremony and one of the architects had told him she thought it would be inappropriate to take her yet he still did. They really don’t give a shit about their staff where I work. I gotta get out of there. Once I’ve left I’ll tell you all about their (inappropriate) position on sexual harassment in the workplace.


2 Responses to Helen, poetry and crazy, hellish art

  1. Jen says:

    I really want to see the Chapman bros exhibition when I’m in London – I hope its still on then.
    Fay Weldon writes some good books but says some strange things about rape.
    mmmm sushi
    x Jen

  2. Helen says:

    I know! It was the most fabulous London weekend. I have been raving about the Chapman exhibition to everyone I see. So glad you’re in London Carmen!

    I got given “Hard Time…” by a friend, but could never get into it. Then again, I’ve adored some of Weldon’s other books.

    Just picked up “The Ethical Slut” from my local bookshop!

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