Photos from Valencia, Spain

A few weeks ago (June 6-8) I went to Spain for the weekend with a friend from work as a pre-wedding party (she’s getting married next month). Below are some photos.

yummy sangria in Valencia
Yummy sangria
Out for tapas in Valencia, Carmen, Lucja, Mireille, Ling and Sing.
Having dinner. From left, me, Lucja, Mireille, Ling and Sing. Ling is the one who is getting married.

Gulliver playground, Valenica, Spain
We came across a very cool playground. Gulliver is lying on the ground and the kids climb all over him. There are lots of slides coming off him and there are ropes you can climb up that look a lot like they could be Lilliputian ropes holding him down. They even have his hat.
Valencia, Spain
I think this is the opera house with a huge cantilever over the top. The architects I was with (three of our group of five are architects) said it was a cantilever going over the top. Paul thinks it might be touching the top of the building. I haven’t really looked into it to check!
Valencia, Spain
In front of the opera house.
America's Cup Building, Valencia, Spain
America’s Cup building
America's Cup Building, Valencia, Spain
Mireille, me, Ling in front of the America’s Cup building.
Bull ring and Train station, Valencia, Spain
Bull ring and train station
Bull ring, Valencia, Spain
Inside the bull ring. Luckily there was a property fair on inside, so we wandered in for free then realised what was going on, so took some photos and left!
Inside bull ring, Valencia, Spain
Valencia, Spain
Ling, me and Ling’s sister, Sing, in front of the Hemisphere and the Science Museum.


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