Things to do in London

While I will often complain about London and its bad weather, dirty city (from pollution and people throwing their rubbish on the ground! Yes, I have witnessed this many times), terrible service (in cafes, restaurants, shops, post offices, government departments, you-name-it), there is soooo much to do here that I love doing. Last night I went to the ICA where I got to hear the french feminist philosopher Luce Irigaray talk about her latest book, Sharing the World. While I didn’t really understand much of it, I did get to buy discount tickets for the four of us who went, as I’m a member of the ICA! I think I’m going to give up on Luce Irigaray. This type of philosophy is not for me (Paul and Jess really enjoyed it, Helen and I didn’t really get it).

There are lots of places I am yet to visit in London but want to:
The Chelsea Physic Garden (I have been listening to some podcasts of lectures to the Royal Society which is how I found out about the Chelsea Physic Garden) (official site)
The Sir John Soane’s Museum (official site)
The Museum of London
The Royal Academy of the Arts and their Summer Exhibition
The Museum in Docklands and their Jack the Ripper and the East End exhibition
Gresham College

For the next month there are lots of events for the London Festival of Architecture.

Helen told me about a feminist theory reading group which I am quite excited about (if they read theory I understand).

Helen and Jess are keen to go with me to see the film Her Name is Sabine at the ICA. It is a documentary by a French actor about her sister who has autism. It sounds really good.

And my friend Jen is coming to town next week which is exciting (she lives in Edinburgh). It will be nice to see and her partner and their two kids.

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