Mazhira's memorial and burial

For people who know Monica and Dave and will be in Brisbane on Saturday:

Mazhira’s memorial ceremony will be this Saturday, 28 June, from 2pm in Dutton Park.
Meet at the corner of Fairfield Road and Brisbane Corso, Fairfield and the burial will take place from 3.15pm in Dutton Park Cemetary.

The wake will be at Dave’s parents’ house at 17 Lindon Street, Dutton Park after.

Dave and Mon own a house within walking distance of this cemetery which is a nice thought: when they move back to Brisbane they will live very close to Mazhira’s final resting place.


2 Responses to Mazhira's memorial and burial

  1. Ellen says:

    I will be thinking of you heaps today, love. I don’t know quite how but I hope to help carry some energy of your presence with me this afternoon. I know others will too.

  2. janettee says:

    it’s true, we were all thinking of you carmina, and monica mentioned in her eulogy that she was with you and paulie c when they found out she was pregnant. the service was video’d so perhaps you may be able to access it sometime soon. it was a beautiful service, very sad, full of love, sadness about what might have been but ultimately a lot of acceptance that what will be will be.

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