London Pride 2008

Helen and Jess: still excited after the parade has finished.
Yesterday Paul and I went into town for London Pride. We met up with Jess and Helen (above) who were very excited about it! Below are some of the photos I took but there are more on Flickr. Paul took photos too which you can see on his Flickr page (including one of the newly elected mayor of London, Boris Johnson, leading the parade.
Unions at London Pride 2008.
Marching Unions. ‘Unite, the Union, Campaigning against homophobic bullying and harassment’.
Unions at London Pride 2008.
Unison Union members.
Unions at London Pride 2008.
More unionists.
Unions at London Pride 2008.
Unite Union. Campainging for Equality with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members.

Unions at London Pride 2008.
”Zero tolerance to discrimination against lgbt workers.’
Older LGBT Community, London Pride 2008.
Older LGBT Community
Queer Youth Network, London Pride 2008.
Queer Youth Network
London Pride, 2008
Some fabulous outfits.
London Pride, 2008
Stonewall, London Pride, 2008
The group Stonewall. I liked their signs that said: ‘Some people are gay. Get over it.’
Some bisexuals, London Pride, 2008
Some bisexuals with their banner. Unfortunately there were only two of them so Helen and I vowed to march with them next year (if we’re still in London of course).
Labour Party, London Pride, 2008
Labour campaign for Lesbian and Gay rights. I liked their placards that said: ‘Never kissed a Tory and never will’, and ‘Tories NEVER voted for us’.
Roller Derby, London Pride, 2008
London Rollergirls
UK Civil Servants, at London Pride, 2008
Queer civil servants (public servants).
'Respect and Equality for ALL Trans People', London Pride 2008.
Respect and Equality for ALL Trans People
'Supporting Female to Male Trans People', London Pride 2008.
Supporting Female to Male Trans People (and Jess’ arm!).
Amnesty International at London Pride, 2008
Amnesty International: Love is a Human Right
Amnesty International at London Pride, 2008
Gay and Lesbian Switchboard, London Pride 2008.
London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard
Queer Underground staff, London Pride 2008.
Queer public transport staff.
Youth group, London Pride 2008.
A youth group.
National AIDS Trust, London Pride 2008.
National AIDS Trust (and Jess’ arm).
Great wigs, London Pride, 2008
Great wigs.
My, what big hair you have, London Pride 2008.
Rainbow flag, London Pride 2008.
Rainbow flag.
'Rights Without Borders', London Pride 2008.
Rights Without Borders.
Lesbian and Gay Unitarians, London Pride 2008.
Lesbian and Gay Unitarians
Wonderful Wonder Woman, London Pride, 2008
Wonderful Wonder Woman
SM Gays, London Pride, 2008
SM Gays
British Airways, London Pride, 2008
British Airways

3 Responses to London Pride 2008

  1. janettee says:

    cool! i went to pride when i was in london too, it blew me away how big it was, half a million people. that was like half of brisbane at the time!! awesome!!

  2. J. Applebee says:

    There were more than 2 of us! The other bisexuals were all dressed in purple, and they were in front of the banner. I still hope you’ll march with us next year, or come to the convention of bisexuality — BiCon 2008!

  3. Dale Hay says:

    Brilliant pictures! I took some myself too as I was there with my boyfriend and our mate. I enjoyed it all… drinking in the street, dancing and having the real feeling that you can just be who you are. Spent most of our time in KuBar then went over to The Little Apple – was a great day and night! I’m looking forward to next years.

    My pictures are here:

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