poetry, blurry eyesight, art and architecture

A couple of weeks ago, Paul and I went to a members’ morning at the ICA and saw a brief talk about an exhibition they have at the moment called A Recent History of Writing and Drawing. They have a few hand-held dot matrix printers where you wave the printer over the paper while pressing a button to spray the ink on your paper. It was very cool. Each day of the exhibition, the printers will print out a selection of newspaper headlines.

Last week I had half an hour of blurry vision while at work. After going to casualty at an eye hospital, and getting my eyes tested by an optician, it sounds like I had a visual migraine. I have very good eyesight though – the optician said I’ll probably need reading glasses when I’m 45 but not before.

Last weekend we went to a poetry/spoken word/hip hop thing at the Southbank Centre on Saturday night. After that we went to a launch for a book of poetry by a friend of Helen’s. Helen’s ex-girlfriend was there and I thought she was awful. She had invited herself along to what Helen had already organised to do with me and Paul and then she obviously didn’t want to talk to me because she just wanted to hang out with Helen. She was really rude. They had to go off and ‘talk’, so, as Paul and I were in Southwark, we went to the Tate Modern and saw the photography exhibition Street and Studio: an Urban History of Photography. It was quite good.

On Sunday we went to Psycho Buildings: Artists take on Architecture at the Hayward Gallery. I really liked it. There were lots of great pieces of art there. We didn’t get a go in the little row-boats on the balcony that has been filled with water which would have been lots of fun but the line was quite long and we couldn’t be bothered waiting. Paul took videos with his phone and put them on youtube which I blogged about.

After Psycho Buildings we met up with Kingsley (formerly of my work) at Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens to see the new Frank Gehry pavillion at the Serpentine Gallery. We also looked at the art inside the Serpentine but i wasn’t too impressed. I find the Serpentine a bit hit and miss. Sometimes I really LOVE the art they have on show and other times it doesn’t do anything for me – but it always has interesting contemporary art and I love that.

During the week I had a stomach bug which wasn’t so fun. I had Tuesday off work with nausea and diarrhoea. At least I wasn’t vomiting! I had a job interview on Thursday with a community arts centre south of where I live. I think it went well. On Friday I had a job interview for an admin job at the Tate Britain (omg, omg). I think that went well too. I really, really hope I get one of the jobs. I’ve been looking for a job in the arts sector for a while now and haven’t found too many (that I’m qualified for). If I get one of these jobs I’d be starting in early August so our planned holiday to New York has been put on hold until we know for sure what my job situation will be. We have however agreed to go to Liverpool next weekend with Helen.

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