Weekend in Bath

August 28, 2008

What a fun weekend I had!
Me, in Bath
At lunchtime last Thursday I went to a bookshop near my work to look for Persuasion or Northangar Abbey by Jane Austen as these are the novels she set in Bath. I bought Persuasion and started to read it, hoping to finish while there or shortly after. I was worrying a bit while in Bath, as I read Persuasion at every chance I got, and Bath was mentioned but the main action wasn’t happening there (I worried: “Will the book get there while I’m still here?”). The book gets to Bath halfway through the novel (and I was still there at this point) and then stays there!

Paul and I caught a train to Bath on Friday. After dropping off our bags at our hotel we went to the Thermae Bath Spa for a four hour session of spas and steam rooms.
View from our hotel window in Bath
(above, view from the hotel window, below, Paul in front of the hotel)
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The Circus and the Royal Crescent, Bath

August 28, 2008

Paul at the Circus, Bath, UK
Paul in the Circus.
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Around Bath

August 28, 2008

Paul in front of Pulteney Bridge (and River Avon)
Paul in front of Pulteney Bridge.
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Photos from parks in Bath

August 28, 2008

Paul and a monument to Jupiter, Bath UK
Paul and monument to Jupiter in a park in Bath.
cute little squirrel, eating a nut in a park, Bath UK
Cute squirrel, eating a nut.
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Tracey Emin mug

August 27, 2008

When I went to the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition recently there was a selection of Tracey Emin crockery in the gift shop! So, I bought a mug.
Pussy cat on my new Tracey Emin mug I bought at the Royal Academy
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Mind the Gap

August 26, 2008

Mind the Gap, Acton Town Underground Station, London
Platform edge at Acton Town Underground Station, London.

Photosynth of Roman Baths, Bath, UK

August 24, 2008

Paul took lots of photos at the Roman Baths in Bath to put into Photosynth. See results below (you may need to download the plugin).