Old friends

Last night Paul and I had dinner with my old friend Cherie, and her friend Michael.

I met Cherie and Michael in 1996 (the first year of my Arts degree). Cherie was actually the first friend I made in Brisbane and I used to spend a lot of time at her lovely flat in South Brisbane (across the road from Musgrave Park). Cherie likes to cook and she fed me many times. We lived a few minutes walk from each other for six months in 1998 and we met for coffee at Espressohead many times on Boundary Street – in fact Cherie introduced me to coffee and to lots of good food. She moved to Sydney at the beginning of 1999, and now lives in Switzerland with her Swiss hubby Bruno and their two kids! I’ve been talking about going to visit them for ages but we now have a plan to go visit in February when they go and spend time at Bruno’s parents’ cabin up in the mountains. Sounds lovely!

Michael has lived in London for ten years and he works at Selfridges (doing the window displays – how cool!).

Paul took a photo of me, Cherie and Michael.


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