Weekend in Liverpool

My friend Helen has done a really good blog post on our trip to Liverpool which you can read and see her great photos! Helen stayed a couple of days extra but Paul and I came back on Sunday evening.
Looking out to sea from Crosby Beach, Liverpool.

We took a train up on Saturday morning and it was so packed we had to stand for at least half of the journey (two and a half hours). When we got there we walked down to the Tate Liverpool gallery and wandered around the docks a bit, we went to the Gustav Klimt exhibition which was quite good; they didn’t have the Kiss but they had a number of other paintings with a lot of gold that were quite beautiful. I bought a book of Klimt porno sketches (mostly women masturbating, or couple having sex) and a book of postcards. They had Rodin’s the Kiss in the foyer which was quite cool. After that we walked to the FAIR gallery and saw a great Pipilotti Rist exhibition. I have found some great photos on Flickr from the exhibition and I think some of these articles explain the exhibition better than I could.
Helen, Paul, me, at the Pippilotti Rist exhibition, FACT gallery, Liverpool.
Sitting on a great big couch at the Pippilotti Rist exhibition, FACT gallery, Liverpool.
The large remote control at the Pippilotti Rist exhibition, FACT gallery, Liverpool.
We stayed with Helen’s great-aunt and uncle on Saturday night and on Sunday morning they drove us to Crosby Beach to see the Antony Gormley sculptures, Another Place. After that we drove up to the seaside town of Southport (I think that’s what it was called) and we had fish and chips. Then we came back to Liverpool and had a walk around the new shops in the city centre – a pedestrian centre that is quite nice. Paul and I got the train back at 5. It was supposed to take 3 and a half hours but because of delays it took more than four hours! But for some reason part of first class was turned into standard class so we got to sit in the nice first class seats on the way back. We drank alcohol, ate chocolate and read books! Not a bad way to spend four hours!


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  1. janettee says:

    those red couches are the best!

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