Photosynth of Roman Baths, Bath, UK

Paul took lots of photos at the Roman Baths in Bath to put into Photosynth. See results below (you may need to download the plugin).


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  1. […] Paul and I caught a train to Bath on Friday. After dropping off our bags at our hotel we went to the Thermae Bath Spa for a four hour session of spas and steam rooms. (above, view from the hotel window, below, Paul in front of the hotel) It was quite nice but a bit too long for my liking (which is why I took Persuasion with me and read it in the cafe after two hours of being wet!). Paul loved it though and wanted to go back for a second session. Above, the front entrance to the Thermae Spa. Below, the spa from the street, if you look up you can see where the rooftop pool is and below that is a balcony where you can sit out in the sun. Friday night we wandered around, looked at the Circus (below), and the Royal Crescent and had really yummy dinner at a nice restaurant. On Saturday morning we went to the Roman Baths and we were there for two and a half hours! Paul took hundreds of photos to put on Photosynth! […]

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