Photos from parks in Bath

Paul and a monument to Jupiter, Bath UK
Paul and monument to Jupiter in a park in Bath.
cute little squirrel, eating a nut in a park, Bath UK
Cute squirrel, eating a nut.

trees, Bath UK
Nice trees.
Pretty flowers, Bath UK
Pretty flower bed.
Tree root, Bath, UK
Cool tree root.
Squirrel sipping water from a puddle, Bath UK
Squirrel drinking water from a puddle!
"Mans hand in nature", Carved Sequoia, Bath UK
Carved sequoia.
Flowers in a park, Bath UK
A view over Bath, UK
View over Bath


One Response to Photos from parks in Bath

  1. janette says:

    oh so beautiful and picturesque. you take me back there, thanks for all the lovely photos. you saw so much! and sounds like you had a really pleasant time too.

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