New job and off to Turkey – it's all happening!

September 25, 2008

After a year and four months in the one job, I’ll be leaving at the end of the week to start a new job with a different company. I found out yesterday that I got the job and as I’m on holidays next week, I’ll finish up this week. I’m kind of sad – I made a lot of friends there but it is more than time to move on. I’ll still be doing document control but I’ll be busier, more challenged and paid more – for the last couple of months, all I’ve really done is file emails which is boring as batshit.

On Friday afternoon, Paul’s parents will be back in London and on Saturday afternoon the four of us are going to Istanbul for four days which I am very excited about. Wow! I’ve never been to Turkey. Paul’s parents leave the following Friday to head back to Australia.

Last weekend was the London Openhouse and Paul and I were planning on seeing some places on Sunday (there was a chance to look inside lots of buildings that are usually closed to the public) but on Saturday afternoon I started to feel sick and my throat hurt and I thought I might have tonsilitis (again!). Luckily it has just been a head cold and not too bad – I haven’t even had a day off work – but I did spend Sunday in bed while Paul went off and looked at (and inside) interesting buildings (like the Unilever building and the Middle Temple Hall – it is said that Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night was first presented in Middle Temple Hall.).

My friend Kingsley (who I used to work with) is heading back to New Zealand next week so yesterday we had lunch with him to say goodbye. Tonight I’m having dinner with my friend Dave who is in town briefly (he lives in Uganda and works for Amnesty International). It will be nice to see him – it’s been a long while.

So, things are moving and changing. Scary but exciting.

Bookclub in October and November

September 22, 2008

It’s been decided: next month’s book will be Zodiac by Neal Stephenson.
From Amazon:

Believe it or not, some readers find Zodiac even more fun than Neal Stephenson’s defining 1990s cyberpunk novel, Snow Crash. Zodiac is set in Boston, and hero Sangamon Taylor (S. T.) ironically describes his hilarious exploits in the first person. S. T. is a modern superhero, a self-proclaimed Toxic Spiderman. With stealth, spunk, and the backing of GEE (a non-profit environmental group) as his weapons, S. T. chases down the bad guys with James Bond-like Zen.

Cruising Boston Harbor with lab tests and scuba gear, S. T. rides in with the ecosystem cavalry on his 40-horsepower Zodiac raft. His job of tracking down poisonous runoff and embarrassing the powerful corporations who caused them becomes more sticky than usual; run-ins with a gang of satanic rock fans, a deranged geneticist, and a mysterious PCB contamination that may or may not be man-made–plus a falling-out with his competent (“I adore stress”) girlfriend–all complicate his mission.

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Reading the Wit and Wisdom of Jane Austen

September 14, 2008

Reading "The Wit and Wisdon of Jane Austen"
In my hotel room in Bath, reading “The Wit and Wisdom of Jane Austen”, edited by Dominique Enwright. I don’t really look amused, do I?

More Bath photos: The Roman Baths and the Abbey

September 14, 2008

(I think Paul took all the photos at the Baths, I took some of the photos of the Abbey)
From the Roman Baths:
Roman Baths, Bath, UK
Roman Baths, Bath, UK
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Cornwall, Bath and silly films.

September 14, 2008

On Thursday Paul and I caught a train to Cornwall where we stayed with his parents in the fishing village Polperro. Paul’s Nanna lived there for years (and was married to the harbour master).
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To Cornwall

September 9, 2008

A few days ago I blogged about Paul’s Grandma taking ill. Unfortunately she died on Friday, when Paul’s parents were still on the plane. Paul had to tell them when they called him from Singapore. 😦 It’s sad . I never met Paul’s Dad’s Mum but I heard stories from Paul’s Mum about her and I feel sad I never got to meet her. Paul and I will be going to Cornwall on Thursday for the funeral on Friday.

Atlantis Space Jacket!

September 7, 2008

Yesterday I bought the coolest jacket ever! It has the Earth and an astronaut on the front and a picture of the Atlantis Space Shuttle on the back. AND the Atlantis Space Shuttle is about to take off in a couple of days on a Hubble Space Mission. I will be the coolest geek this week, for sure!
The Atlantis space shuttle on the back of my cool new hoodie.
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happy news and sad news

September 5, 2008

This week, the father of my brother-in-law Kini died. He was almost 75 and had been very healthy up until a day or two before he died. My sister Nicky and her husband Kini have gone to Tonga for the funeral. They are both very sad.

Paul’s grandmother, who lives in a nursing home in Cornwall, has taken ill this week and has pneumonia. Paul’s parents are heading over to the UK as soon as they can get a flight from Australia – actually, I think they are on a flight right now.

In good news, my friend, Richard’s brother, Peter’s wife, Sophie had a baby boy recently. Finn Tetsuya Scougall sounds to be doing well and he’s quite cute.

Little Venice, exploring London, Ikea and books

September 1, 2008

On Saturday, Paul and I took the train to Paddington (ten minutes away!) and went to the canal junction known as Little Venice, and we walked from there along Regents Canal, through Regents Park (where we saw some warthogs in the London Zoo) and up to Camden where we had ourselves a Pimms and Lemonade to cool off after our long walk in the lovely sunny Summer weather. Then we walked down through Regents Park, where we lay on the grass and read our books for a bit. After that we walked down Marylebone High Street into Soho and ate late lunch/early dinner at Itsu Sushi then went home and read the first volume of Sandman by Neil Gaiman. It was a lovely day with fun exploring of London. Hopefully Paul will have photos on his Flickr page soon.
*Update on Sept 2: Paul’s photos are up (there aren’t many) but there’s a photo from walking along the canal, and some fancy houses in Regent’s Park (could royalty live there?).
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Notting Hill Carnival, friends, showers…

September 1, 2008

The weekend before last, Paul and I got back from Bath on Sunday. So for the Bank Holiday Monday we went to the Notting Hill Carnival (the first time we’d been). It was fun but soooo many people – it is Europe’s largest street festival.

That night Lucy N was in town so we had dinner with former housemates of hers (Lucy R from Australia and Tina from Lucy’s student days) and Alletta and Ryan, friends she met in Edinburgh but who have been living in London for the last year. Alletta’s parents were there too. It was a really nice evening. The next day Lucy was off to Australia for a month which she is very excited about. She is giving a paper at a feminist conference in Brisbane and catching up with lots of old friends.

We have been having dramas with our shower and have been without it for more than a month. It’s very tiring only having baths and pouring buckets of water over my head!