New job and off to Turkey – it's all happening!

After a year and four months in the one job, I’ll be leaving at the end of the week to start a new job with a different company. I found out yesterday that I got the job and as I’m on holidays next week, I’ll finish up this week. I’m kind of sad – I made a lot of friends there but it is more than time to move on. I’ll still be doing document control but I’ll be busier, more challenged and paid more – for the last couple of months, all I’ve really done is file emails which is boring as batshit.

On Friday afternoon, Paul’s parents will be back in London and on Saturday afternoon the four of us are going to Istanbul for four days which I am very excited about. Wow! I’ve never been to Turkey. Paul’s parents leave the following Friday to head back to Australia.

Last weekend was the London Openhouse and Paul and I were planning on seeing some places on Sunday (there was a chance to look inside lots of buildings that are usually closed to the public) but on Saturday afternoon I started to feel sick and my throat hurt and I thought I might have tonsilitis (again!). Luckily it has just been a head cold and not too bad – I haven’t even had a day off work – but I did spend Sunday in bed while Paul went off and looked at (and inside) interesting buildings (like the Unilever building and the Middle Temple Hall – it is said that Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night was first presented in Middle Temple Hall.).

My friend Kingsley (who I used to work with) is heading back to New Zealand next week so yesterday we had lunch with him to say goodbye. Tonight I’m having dinner with my friend Dave who is in town briefly (he lives in Uganda and works for Amnesty International). It will be nice to see him – it’s been a long while.

So, things are moving and changing. Scary but exciting.


5 Responses to New job and off to Turkey – it's all happening!

  1. Monica says:

    Big congrats on the new job! Turkey! Wonderful stuff carmy x

  2. janettee says:

    good one, glad you found a new job. i’m sure you can stay mates with your old work buddies, it’s not as if you are leaving town. turkey is cool! and it will be excellent to see dave c too. i now swear by olive leaf in my current state of slightly comprised immunity. i ran out and by the time and within a day my glands were up and the day after i got a head cold. i’m taking 4 times the regular dose but it’s sure keeping sickness at bay for me until my thryoid craziness gets back under control

  3. Ellen says:

    Hope you’re loving Istanbul and that you’re feeling better, all ready to take your new job by storm.

  4. Nicola says:

    Hello Aunty Carm
    We’ve been trying to call you the past couple of days as you have two little nieces dying to talk to you (and two big sisters!!). One little niece in particular can’t stop talking about her fairy godmother and how cranky she is that that fairy godmother won’t answer the phone!
    Hope you have a wonderful time in Turkey and we’ll hopefully catch you before all the Emery’s head off back home.
    lots of love
    Jo and Nick

  5. Helen says:

    That is so fantastic Carmen! I am so happy for you. I’ve left my job from hell and am now free and living in Stockwell. Let’s hang out. I miss you, H

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