Istanbul, new job, wandering in London, theatre…

So what’s happened in the week and a half since I got back from Istanbul?

I started my new job with French engineers (who talk to each other all day long in French so I don’t understand what they’re saying – lucky I’m not a paranoid person). Windows has been installed in French on my laptop too and you can’t just switch it back. I’m going to have to ask for a laptop in English I think.

On Wednesday night I went to see the Australian Ballet and the Bangarra Dance Theatre with Matt and Neena and other people at the Sadler’s Wells Theatre. It was really good.

On Thursday night I had drinks with Helen, Lucie, Jess and Jamie (Helen worked with Jamie at a dodgy pub in Holloway) at the Glass Bar which is a women-only bar close to where I work.

I have been doing a lot of wandering through London on my lunchbreaks and after work (I am working near Bloomsbury again and one lunchtime last week I wandered past Woolf Court and Virginia Mews and then one day after work I actually walked past a house that Virginia Woolf lived in – when she was still Virginia Stephen). Yesterday, Saturday, Paul and I did some wandering from Holborn up to Farringdon and then Angel and back down again. I am getting back into the London Walks that Paul’s sister, Emma gave us for Christmas (nearly two years ago?) – I can’t believe we haven’t done them all yet.

On Friday night I had a night in by myself watching the French film Paris, Je T’aime while Paul was out with people from his work.

Today, Sunday, we watched The Bothersome Man. I should probably get to bed as it’s 10.30. It is my birthday in two weeks and I will probably try to organise dinner and maybe a trip to a nightclub – wild!


One Response to Istanbul, new job, wandering in London, theatre…

  1. Ellen says:

    I LOVE Bangarra. I didn’t see their latest show though.
    Only 3 sleeps til your birthday now.
    ! ! !
    ❤ Ellen

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