Culture and shopping for winter clothes

Well my new job is stressing me out – I sit in a room with seven French people who talk to each other all day in French. There are a couple of middle-aged, English engineers in the room but they don’t talk much and I don’t have much in common with them so I’m really missing the social aspect I had at my last job – I really didn’t like the management there but I worked with lots of people my age who were friendly and talked a lot (in English). I also have a head cold again (I only had one two weeks ago!). I’m using my brain a bit more in my new job than the last job I had, but the social aspect totally sucks. I am having doubts I can stick it out for the three months but I am only two weeks in – I’ll see how I go.

On Friday night I had dinner by myself at Wagamama’s in Leicester Square (while I was waiting for Paul to get into town) and I think the three Australians sitting near me might have been from Brisbane – one of them told the others ‘Did you know there’s a Wagamama’s in New Farm’. Have I mentioned how homesick I’ve been lately? I mean, really homesick. After dinner, I met up with Paul and people from his work for some drinks and I’ve really not been spending much time in busy, loud pubs recently because I hated being surrounded by loud drunk people.

On Saturday I wanted to buy winter clothes (it’s really getting cold again) so I headed to the great Japanese shop Uniqlo for some thermals similar to the ones I bought last year! They’re great. Paul and I were sorely tempted by their colourful, 50 pound, puffy, down jackets! After shopping, we wandered in London and for the first time since I’ve been here, I tried to climb onto the Lions at Trafalgar Square – I was unsuccessful they’re much bigger than they look from a distance.
How do I climb on this thing? Lion at Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square
After shopping, we went to Tate Britain and saw people running through the gallery (an art piece), the shortlist for this year’s Turner Prize, and an amazing Francis Bacon exhibition. I really liked Bacon’s paintings – even though a lot of them are really ugly and grotesque and scary – actually that might be the reason I liked them.

On Sunday we went to the Hadrian exhibition at the British Museum with Matt and Neena and then to Uniqlo again for more winter clothes – we tried on the puffy jackets but decided against them.

On Friday night we’re going to see Neil Gaiman talk which I’m quite excited about.

And I am going out to dinner for my birthday on Saturday night. Wow, it’s been a year since my sister came to visit!


One Response to Culture and shopping for winter clothes

  1. janettee says:

    awww sorry yr feeling homesick grrrl. i know when i left london i was soo over it, but you sound like you are still doing such cool things there. and it’s about to get stinking bloody hot here…

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