Weekend of Birthday fun!

On Saturday, Paul and I went to the newly-re-opened Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea and saw some really interesting contemporary Chinese art. The building is a really beautiful, open, light space. I hope we get to see more art there before we leave London.
Paul at the Saatchi Gallery, Chelsea, London
Saatchi Gallery, Chelsea, London

On Saturday night I had dinner with lots of friends at Hummus Brothers in Soho – I had walked past it before and had never eaten there so what better reason to eat at a Hummus restaurant than ‘it’s my birthday’? It was cheap, yummy food. Unfortunately I forgot to get my camera out until we were at drinks after dinner and most people had left! I only have pictures of Paul, me and Helen and Lucy R and Adrian.
Me, Paul, Helen at Birthday dinner, 2008
Adrian and Lucy at Birthday dinner, 2008
On Sunday Paul and I went to the Museum of London in Docklands for the Jack the Ripper and the East End exhibition. We also had dinner with Helen and Lucie.

On Monday night Paul and I went to see the film Burn After Reading at the Empire cinema in Leicester Square – on a large screen, in digital format. Very cool. It was an amusing, silly story by the Coen Brothers.

Last night (Tuesday) I had drinks with Helen and Jess and Jamie and it was really cold and Jess and I ran through the snow to buy dinner at a burger place and then I ran with my burger, through the snow to the tube and ate my burger on the way home to a lovely warm flat! Aparently it hasn’t snowed in London in October since 1934!

Paul bought me Lost Girls by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie for my birthday! I am very excited about reading this porno comic book of grown-up Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Wendy from Peter Pan and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz (but I have to finish the Wizard of Oz first as it’s the one of the three books I haven’t finished reading yet!). Lost Girls is an amazing, 3-volume, hard-cover boxset that is very beautiful and I don’t want to get the books out until I’m ready to really sit down and read them! (I have visions of the future where Lost Girls is up on top of the bookcase and my kids know they’re not allowed to read it till they’re older!)


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