NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month

November is National Novel-Writing Month and I was all set to write a sci-fi novel I’ve been thinking about for a while but then my laptop died late last week which I thought was terrible – although Paul did point out I could use a pen and paper! Anyway, now that I’ve started seriously thinking about this story, I realised I need to do a lot more planning and character development before I can sit down to write the novel.

I also have a great idea (in my mind) for an historical novel set in Queensland (well, I say historical, but it would actually be set over the twentieth century). I do wonder if setting it in Queensland could limit its readership. But then, if it’s a good book, that shouldn’t matter, right?

2 Responses to NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month

  1. kitschenette says:

    how about a sci fi novel set in queensland, with an historical aspect? 🙂
    i’d read it, no matter when or where it was set.

  2. Jen says:

    I just leant my non-australian friend a copy of ‘white earth’ which is a queensland centric historicalish novel and she totally loved it. So I say yay go for it.

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