I want, I want…

I’ve decided that I want the Mslexia diary for Christmas (doesn’t have to be Christmas, could be for any reason before 1 January 2009). Mslexia is a British magazine for ‘women who write’.

And if you win the lottery or come into a lot of money and you need help spending it, I would also like the Dream and Death bookends – they’re only US$295. Yikes. They’d look great in my house with the complete Sandman between them!


4 Responses to I want, I want…

  1. janettee says:

    yeah, i really do need to save up and get myself the complete sandman collection. i get them all out of the library every year or so

  2. zinegeek says:

    Yeah, I must admit, I want the complete Sandman collection more than the Dream and Death bookends! Have you heard about Absolute Sandman that has come out? I think it would be nice to have, but the books are huge and hardbacked so they wouldn’t make for easy reading, so I think I’d rather get the ten volume Sandman trade paperbacks, rather than the four-volume hardbacked Absolute Sandman – but I’d love to spend some time looking over the Absolute Sandmans! There’s heaps of stuff in them I won’t have seen before.

  3. janettee says:

    hmmm they sound pretty terrific, i’ll have to see if there are any around to have a look at. maybe after i’ve paid all my car bills….

  4. zinegeek says:

    I have since ordered the diary and am waiting for it to arrive! I hope it’s as good as it sounded on the website!

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