Nerding it up at the Natural History Museum

It rained pretty much all weekend but that didn’t stop Paul and I (and lots of other people) going along to the Natural History Museum to see the Darwin exhibition they have at the moment. I can’t believe I haven’t been there before – the building is really beautiful and it is has a replica of a diplodocus (I think) in the main hall where you first walk in – very cool. Paul took some photos but he still needs to turn some of them up the right way but I didn’t take my camera unfortunately! You’ll have to go to these links to see some pictures of the amazing building!

Next year marks 200 years since Charles Darwin was born and the exhibition looks at Darwin’s life and his travels where he developed his theories on evolution and natural selection. I learnt a lot about his life and travels (on the Beagle), like how he collected thousands of specimens on his travels, sending them back to England, and not only did he study them when he got back but lots of other scientists studied them (he sent a whole bunch of birds off to an ornithologist who then reported back what they found) all contributing to his theorising and eventual publishing of On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection. There were extracts from his letters and notebooks, including a sketch where he was first working out how different species may have come from the same species (see below, a mug I bought that has this sketch on it). I would definitely recommend the exhibition to anyone in/visiting London before April 19 (when the exhibition ends).
Charles Darwin Evolution mug from the Natural History Museum
Charles Darwin Evolution mug from the Natural History Museum
Charles Darwin Evolution mug from the Natural History Museum


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