Three sleeps till Christmas

I finally posted the Christmas presents for my family on Saturday – only five days before Christmas. The woman at the post office was kind enough to inform me that they wouldn’t arrive by Christmas!

Paul and I have bought a new laptop – my laptop died recently, but we might be able to get it fixed – as we have not enjoyed having to share! So now we’re umming and arring over whether to buy each other big presents on top of this. Probably not a good idea. Paul is now on two weeks holiday – which I’m sure he will fill by playing World of Warcraft on his more-powerful laptop! I am working Monday, Tuesday this week but then I have a week and a half off and don’t go back till January 5. Yay for the holidays!

In other good news, it has been warmer recently which is much nicer. I think it is twelve degrees today! Much better than 5, that’s for sure.

One Response to Three sleeps till Christmas

  1. janettee says:

    yay, i have 10 days off too! admittedly i have only been working full time for a month… but how fun are holidays!??!

    yeah damn money, i have been spending hundreds of dollars in the last week, going out for fun dinners, replacing broken camping gear, buying nice food for treats and goodness knows what else (well actually so will my visa card). i’m going a bit rank because i’ve had no job so have been a bit povvo (but happy and relaxed!!). thankfully i don’t have to buy anyone christmas presents or i would definitely be broke again.

    i’m going to have a tight ass early 2009 cause i wanna to go tassie and new zealand and have a big climbing in victoria. 🙂 !!

    have a fun chrissy! if it’s any consolation, christmas imageries and rituals make a bit more sense when it’s cold

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