I saw the Magna Carta today

January 29, 2009

At lunchtime today I went to the Taking Liberties Exhibition at the British Library and saw one of only four remaining copies of the Magna Carta, first written (and copied out many times) in 1215. I didn’t really know anything about it until a couple of years ago when I bought the book 1215: the Year of Magna Carta. I learnt a lot about British History and the Magna Carta from that book (although it did expect a basic knowledge of English history which I didn’t have – when the Angles and the Saxons arrived, when the Normans arrived, etc).

The Taking Liberties exhibition is a really interesting exhibition on civil liberties in Britain and Ireland and the history of the laws concerning them. I didn’t have time to see it all in my lunchhour so I plan to go back. It is on until 1 March 2009.

Virginie Despentes at the ICA

January 29, 2009

Last Thursday I saw Virginie Despentes speak at the ICA on Exploding the Myth of Femininity. I wrote a review over at Spinster.

A busy week

January 21, 2009

On Monday night I went to Skeptics in the Pub where I heard a talk by Rebecca Watson (from Skepchick and the Skeptics Guide to the Universe) on Women’s Intuition and Other Fairytales. It was really good.

Last night I had a dinner with work people. At least I got free food!

Tomorrow night I’m going to a talk by Virginie Despentes called Exploding the Myth of Femininity. Virginie Despentes wrote the novel and film Baise-Moi (currently banned in Australia, I believe), a violent, rape-revenge fantasy that contains ‘actual sex’, OMG! I am planning on watching the film tonight so I’ve seen it before seeing her talk. She is actually talking about her new book on feminism called King Kong Theory.

On Saturday there’s a Zinefest at the Women’s Library which sounds quite fun. The Women’s Library currently has the exhibition Between the Covers: Women’s Magazines and their Readers (Until Wednesday 1 April 2009, entrance free), and as part of the Zinefest on Saturday, there is a comics exhibition and stallholders selling zines and comics (and other DIY media, I imagine) and workshops.

The Women’s Library
25 Old Castle Street
(Aldgate and Aldgate East tube stations)
Saturday, 24 January, 2009
12- 4pm

12-1.30pm Self-publishing 101 (seminar room)
12- 2.15pm Screen Your World -Printing Desire (activities room) I believe the screen-printing workshop is booked out now.
1.30-2pm and 2-2.30pm Zine Tour (meet at reception)
2.30-4pm Radical Publishing Panel (seminar room)
12-4pm Comic Exhibition (cafe space)
12-4pm Stalls (mezzanine)

Check them out on myspace and We Make Zines on ning.

I don’t really make zines anymore and hardly read them, so I’m looking forward to picking some up on the weekend. I want to get back into making zines this year, so hopefully this will help kick-start it.

Sunday afternoon walk around London

January 18, 2009

Today, Paul and I went for a big walk around London (about 14 kilometres). From Queensway station to Liverpool Street station with much detouring. We tried to mark it on a map, and got most of it – but not all of it (I’m still mastering google maps).

Atheist Bus campaign

January 14, 2009

See my post about the Atheist Bus Campaign.

2009 begins…

January 12, 2009

My first week back at work was a bit of a struggle, it was cold and dark for a lot of it. I only went to the gym once during the week (did I mention it was cold?). It has now warmed up to 9 degrees! Yay!

I had a very relaxing weekend of doing very little: watching it snow on Saturday, reading, brain training on Nintendo DS Lite (am addicted to sudoku and my arithmetic has improved incredibly), one trip to the gym and watching TV (I can’t wait until the next instalment of House of Elliot next Sunday). Paul and I talked about going to see Slumdog Millionaire – maybe we’ll do that in the next week.

Currently reading: Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. I have started this book two or three times before and could never get into it but am managing it better this time. Maybe knowing a lot of the London places is helping (I struggle with Virginia Woolf’s stream-of-consciousness prose but I’m determined to stick with it – I have started To the Lighthouse many times and never could get into that either.)

It's snowing in London

January 5, 2009

This morning I woke up to find snow on my balcony! Have I mentioned how bitterly cold it’s been lately?

After I got to work this morning I got to watch it snowing out of the window. It melted once it hit the ground and it didn’t last too long but it was cool.

2008: An overview

January 4, 2009

-Our ceiling collapsed thanks to inaction of our useless estate agent (don’t use Carlton Residential!)
-My photos were featured in the Schmaps online guides.
-The Australian government apologised to Indigenous Australians for the stolen generations and for past inhumane treatment. Now if they would just stop the intervention (or at least re-instate the Racial Discrimination Act so it actually applies to what they’re doing in the intervention) things could maybe improve.
-I got a spouse visa giving me leave to remain and work in the UK for two more years.
-I really got into podcasts (thanks to the ipod Paul gave me for Christmas.
-We moved into a really nice flat that is really close to amenities and train station, etc.
-We went to an Enchanted Woodland and we continued to explore and get-to-know London.
-I bought a very cool Atlantis Space Jacket.
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Some photos from Istanbul

January 4, 2009

I went to Istanbul with Paul and his parents 27 Sept – 1 Oct, 2008.
Basilica Cistern, Istanbul, Turkey
From The Basilica Cistern
Inside the Hagia Sophia
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