I saw the Magna Carta today

At lunchtime today I went to the Taking Liberties Exhibition at the British Library and saw one of only four remaining copies of the Magna Carta, first written (and copied out many times) in 1215. I didn’t really know anything about it until a couple of years ago when I bought the book 1215: the Year of Magna Carta. I learnt a lot about British History and the Magna Carta from that book (although it did expect a basic knowledge of English history which I didn’t have – when the Angles and the Saxons arrived, when the Normans arrived, etc).

The Taking Liberties exhibition is a really interesting exhibition on civil liberties in Britain and Ireland and the history of the laws concerning them. I didn’t have time to see it all in my lunchhour so I plan to go back. It is on until 1 March 2009.


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