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February 18, 2009

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Learning to Drive and Other Life Stories by Katha Pollitt
I enjoy reading Katha Pollitt’s political columns from the Nation and I’m enjoying reading these short stories about her personal life. I particularly liked the first story about her driving lessons in her fifties – it helps me feel less bad about being 31 and not having my driver’s license!

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Lately, Paul and I have been watching some great TV:
Lost, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica (Paul is more into this one than I am), and The Flight of the Conchords.
During the day I’ve been watching Scrubs (that’s one positive of being unemployed I guess).

Paul's 30th

February 18, 2009

Paul had Friday off work because it was his birthday and I planned some activities for the day.

First off, we went to Westminster Abbey and spent an hour or so wandering around looking at all the graves and memorials to many famous people including monarchs like Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots, scientists like Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin (it was 200 years and one day since he’d been born), and writers and poets like Charles Dickens, the Brontes, Jane Austen, William Blake, TS Eliot, WH Auden, John Milton and Lewis Carroll and politicians and other interesting people like Millicent Fawcett. It was pretty cool.

After that we went to Bloomsbury and had lunch while filling in time waiting for a job interview I had near there (I didn’t get it!).

After my job interview we went to the Bank of England Museum which was pretty cool. I picked up a bar of gold which wasn’t that big but weighed 13kg and was worth more than £200,000. Now I understand ‘worth your weight in gold’ a bit more!

Friday night we had dinner at a local Indian restaurant, the Clay Oven with some friends from Paul’s work, and a couple of Australian friends (Lucy R – who ran 10km in a fun run the following day – and Scottie who is in town for a few weeks).

I bought Paul some books for his birthday: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, The Simplicity Survival Handbook and Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got. There is still one more book to arrive. The books are from a list called Do It Yourself MBA. Oh, I also got him The Baby Owner’s Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-shooting Tips and Advice on First-year Maintenance.

Saatchi and Serpentine Galleries

February 9, 2009

So the snow has stopped but it’s still very cold here. And while we’re freezing, the top of Australia is flooding and the bottom of Australia is on fire! It sounds devastating.

On Saturday Paul and I went to the Saatchi Gallery and saw Unveiled: New Art from the Middle East which we both enjoyed.

On Sunday we went to the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens and saw Indian Highway, some contemporary art from India which was also very good. It was very cold so we went straight home after.

During the week I saw the film Slumdog Millionaire (the feel-good film of the year!) and cried and laughed and really enjoyed it. The poverty of the Indian slums is so depressing.

Snow around my neighbourhood, 3 February, 2009

February 9, 2009

Postie at work
Postie still at work, Ealing, London, 3 February, 2009
Walpole Park, Ealing, London
Snowperson in Walpole Park, Ealing, London, 3 February, 2009
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Four days of snow on my balcony

February 9, 2009

1 February, 2009
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Paul's snow photos

February 3, 2009

Paul has put up some photos of snow around his work so you can see the business park he works in and the golf course he sometimes walks through at lunch time.

Most snow in London for two decades!

February 2, 2009

Paul had a snow day today and worked from home as there was traffic chaos due to the 20cm of snow! It was the most snow in South-East England for 18 years. Very cool.
Balcony furniture and snow, 1 Feb 2009
Above, snow on my balcony just before going to bed at midnight. And below, snow on the balcony this morning.
Balcony furniture and snow, 2 Feb 2009
I watched it snowing for most of the day.
Balcony furniture and snow, 2 Feb 2009
Below, Paul got ready to go to work, went outside and came back home…
My little elf, deciding whether or not to try to get to work through the snow, 2 Feb, 09
…and in between working from home, Paul ventured out onto the balcony…
Paul opened the balcony door to run through the snow (bare foot)
…to gather snowballs…
Paul makes a snowball, 2 Feb, 2009
…which he threw out the window.
Snowy tree and rooves, 2 Feb 2009

Paul's Birthday

February 2, 2009

Paul’s 30th birthday is coming up in less than two weeks (February 13) and I’m stuck for what to get him. Anyone have any suggestions for what I should get him/do for him/etc? I keep asking him what he wants but I’m getting no answers.

Snowing in London (again)

February 1, 2009

It only snowed twice in London last winter but this winter is has snowed maybe 5 or 6 times. It snowed on and off today (Sunday, 1st Feb) and tonight I took some photos out of the windows of the snow on the ground. It’s not very deep but it’s pretty thick for London. Actually I just looked out the window and the snow on the balcony furniture is probably twice as thick as it is in these photos. And it’s still snowing! Cool. I’m really glad we have double glazed windows.
Snow in London, 1st Feb, 2009
Snow in London, 1st Feb, 2009
Snow in London, 1st Feb, 2009
Snow in London, 1st Feb, 2009