Some recent art

Last week I was working around Shoreditch and I went to the Hoxton Square White Cube gallery in my lunch hour and saw some cool art by Rachel Kneebone and Marcus Harvey. Rachel Kneebone’s piece was a large and beautiful ceramic hole with lots of small figures that seemed to be falling down into Dante’s hell. Marcus Harvey had a few pieces but the grandest was the large picture of Margaret Thatcher made of lots of different bits of plastic, many of which were dildos. Harvey became well-known for doing a large picture of child murderer Myra Hindley made up of children’s hand prints. I’d recommend this exhibition but it finishes this Saturday (28 March).

On Sunday Paul and I met with my new friend Stephen and we saw AlterModern at Tate Britain and Transition at the Barge House Oxo Tower. Altermodern had some interesting art but wasn’t brilliant. It is part of the fourth Tate Triennial and is on until April 26. Transition was a collaboration between Submit2gravity and Exeter Artspace, bringing together artists from London and the Southwest. The exhibition spent a week at Exeter Castle before coming to London for four days. It had some really kickarse interactive art and there was lots of new media stuff too. I really liked it.

Yesterday I saw some wonderful art by Lalla Ward (former side-kick to the doctor on Dr Who, former wife of Tom Baker, knitter, embroiderer, illustrator and current wife of Richard Dawkins – she sounds like a really interesting person!). Called Galapagos, the exhibition consists of fabric and ceramics with pictures of wildlife from the Galapagos Islands, and the sale of the art will aid the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. I really love needlework, embroidery and fabric art and these were really beautiful. I did have a rather strange experience when I went to see the exhibition at the Chris Beetles Gallery (there is nothing about the exhibition on their website but there is on the Durrell website). The gallery has two sections (one at 8 Ryder Street and one at 10 Ryder Street) and 10 Ryder Street was locked and I couldn’t go in until I got someone from number 8 to let me in. Unbeknownst to me, I was locked in after being let in, so when I was finished looking at the art and was ready to leave I couldn’t get out. It felt like I waited for ages (but maybe it wasn’t that long) before I went down the stairs inside the gallery and discovered that the two galleries might be connected underneath, and after calling out ‘hello’ a number of times, the woman came and let me out! Very strange. I really want to go back to buy the catalogue (it’s 40 large postcards for £20). I believe the work is being auctioned on Saturday (28 March).


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