More art and a job interview

Today I had an interview with an architecture firm right next to Tate Modern. Here’s hoping I get it! After the interview I wandered around the Tate for a bit and I saw the Reckless Sleeper and The Annunciation by Rene Magritte, Three Dancers by Pablo Picasso, Mountain Lake and Forgotten Horizon by Salvador Dali and The Fig-Leaf by Francis Picabia. I also had a very rich hot chocolate with the BIGGEST mound of cream on top and a rhubarb crumble dessert (and then I spent a whole hour on a treadmill this afternoon!).

Yesterday I went to the Mythologies exhibition at Haunch of Venison, now situated in the old Museum of Mankind space behind the Royal Academy. It was very cool – lots of art, some boring and mediocre and some really good (this is often how I feel about big shows like this). Here are reviews from the Independent and the Guardian – they’re not very flattering reviews. This blog post has lots of pictures of some of the art.

Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed by all the art I see here. Sometimes I think I should stop going to see it and should maybe just stay home and make it.

On my way into town yesterday I sat near a group of teenage boys on the train – they were doing what teenagers do, talking and laughing and paying each other out, when one of them practically screamed in surprise – I looked over and saw sitting opposite him was a guy with a rather large split in his crotch – much to his horror. As he made claims of ‘why didn’t any of you tell me.’ I started laughing and couldn’t stop. Poor boy. I didn’t mean to laugh at him – and as all his schoolmates saw that I was laughing they just laughed more. So after I managed to stop laughing a different one of them mentioned to his friends that we had just gone past Turminem Green station. And they all started laughing at him because it is Turnham Green, not Turminem Green and I started laughing again. Luckily they all got off at the next stop.

Paul has another of his Microsoft exams on Saturday. After he’s done we’re planning on going to the Collection at the Victoria Miro gallery to see some dance exhibition they have on there at the moment:

This spring Victoria Miro collaborates with Siobhan Davies to present The Collection. For three weeks, performers and artists present specially commissioned dance and artworks at Victoria Miro Gallery in North London and Siobhan Davies Studios in South London.

The Collection is a series of ambitious collaborations that look at the interfaces of contemporary art and dance, where these worlds intersect and how they might inform one another. At the heart of the project is a mutual curiosity for potential exchanges across both art forms, and an exploration of the connections and disconnections within them.

It could be really interesting or it could be a boring wank!

Oh and our gas bill for winter was MASSIVE – it was twice the bill from the previous quarter. No more heating! For many, many months. Even if it’s cold.

One Response to More art and a job interview

  1. DanBUK says:

    My gas bill was massive too, bas**rds.
    Was this intended? “gone past Turminem Green station”


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