Good-bye good friend

On Friday evening Paul, Kara and I went out to Heathrow airport to say goodbye to Lucy R as she headed back to Australia. It was a couple of months earlier than she had originally planned and it was sad to see her go. It’s nice to know she will be in Brisbane when we move back (it’s nice to know we still have some friends there after being away so long!). Unfortunately her brother is sick so that’s why she’s gone early. Hopefully with modern medicine and all his family and friends around him he’ll be better in no time!
Seeing Lucy off at Heathrow airport (to go back to Australia)
Above, Lucy, me and Paul, below, Kara, Lucy and me.
Kara, Lucy and Carmen, saying goodbye to Lucy at Heathrow airport (as she heads back to Australia)
It’s funny how I didn’t think I would cry but of course as we came to say ‘Good-bye’ I got teary! Hear I am laughing so I don’t cry (it didn’t work).
Laughing so I don't cry - saying Goodbye to Lucy at Heathrow
We also got told off for getting our cameras out near security – it is now illegal to take photos of the security bit where you go through the metal detectors/baggage scanners. We walked a few metres away from there and took our photos up against a wall!

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