Madeleine in town and Kara's birthday

Last week Madeleine was in town for a few days on her way to Baltic Pride in Latvia. I met up with her on Friday at the Barbican Centre (and got a bit lost trying to find her – that place is massive!). We caught a bus down past St Paul’s and up Fleet Street and the Strand and had lunch with an old school friend of hers in Covent Garden. Then we wandered up to the Portrait Gallery and looked at stuff there. I had been to the portrait gallery a couple of times before but had somehow missed the top floor – and looking at all the portraits of historical figures I was reminded how little history I know. Luckily Madeleine (who has English parents) was able to fill me in on some stuff. When we were done we looked in book shops on Charing Cross Road. We also went to a lovely little cupcake shop and had very cute (and yummy) cupcakes. I had a really lovely day.

On Saturday it was Kara’s birthday so I had brunch with her and lots of her friends at the Pavilion Cafe in Victoria Park over her side of town. Sonja brought along a plate of lovely cupcakes she’d made. After yummy brunch, Kara, Nicole and I wandered through the park and up to the Broadway Market (which I had never been to before – I also hadn’t been to Victoria Park before). It was really lovely. We wandered back to Nicole’s house – where Paul came and met us (he’d had another Microsoft exam that morning – he got 93%) and then Kara and I went down Brick Lane and then back to her place for a little rest before heading out to Cargo that night for birthday drinks. I’ve been to Cargo three times, all in the last two weekends!

Paul and I thought about going to Richmond Park on Sunday but ended up staying home and tidying the house (probably for the best). We might go there next weekend (and try to get a posse together for it). Also, Daniel S is in town next weekend so it will be nice to catch up with him.


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